Getting to No Kill: Friends to present at Best Friends Animal Society National Conference

Friends of the Palm Springs Animal Shelter (Friends) has been selected to present “How to Get to No-Kill” at the Best Friends Animal Society National Conference July 14, 2016 in Salt Lake City. Best Friends Animal Society selects only eight shelters nationwide to share their story each year. “We are honored and thrilled that Friends has been recognized this year, and that we will be able to share our story at this very respected conference” said Friends Board President, Stephen Boyd.

The Best Friends National Conference is a forum where animal welfare leaders and learners from across the country and beyond come together to connect and create meaningful change on behalf of homeless pets. “We are excited to share how we are achieving a no-kill community, and to learn from others who are also paving the way,” shares Dr. Shayda Ahkami, Director of Medical and Shelter Services.

Dr. Ahkami will co-present with Friends Vice President Tamara Hedges who says, “We are proud to be part of a city that stands for compassion. We’ve made huge strides in Palm Springs on behalf of the animals, and our hope is that we can inspire the entire Coachella Valley to adopt more humane and progressive policies.” The Palm Springs Animal Shelter underwent a major shift in philosophy in 2012 when the City of Palm Springs entered into a partnership with The Friends of the Palm Springs Animal Shelter, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization to manage and operate the City’s new animal shelter. As a result, The Palm Springs Animal Shelter is the only municipal open-admissions shelter operating under the no-kill model in the Coachella Valley. The shelter does not euthanize animals for space or length of stay, does not discriminate against breed or “adoptability” and offers affordable and accessible services to the community, including low cost adoption, spay/neuter services, public wellness clinics, and a pet food bank.

Vice President, Tamara Hedges and Director of Shelter & Veterinary Services, Dr. Shayda Ahkami will present at the conference on July 14, 2016.

Friends are in their fourth year of managing the shelter and have saved thousands of lives. In 2015, the shelter admitted 3,672 animals including dogs, cats, small animals and wildlife. Friends attributes their success to community support, relying on volunteers to assist with operations, foster guardians to help care for pets in need, and community members to adopt. Ginny Foat, council member and City liaison to the Friends Board of Directors adds, “A commitment to a no-kill philosophy and quality medical care for every animal who enters our City shelter is a huge undertaking. The City of Palm Springs through our partnership with the Friends of the Palm Springs Animal Shelter is proud of all that we have accomplished in our joint partnership and commitment to the animals.” As a result of this unique partnership, The Palm Springs Animal Shelter is the only municipal shelter in the Coachella Valley operating under the no-kill model.

In addition to the city stipend, Friends must raise additional funding of nearly one million dollars per year and relies on donations to meet their goal. Donations can be made at (, in person or by mail. The shelter is located at 4575 E. Mesquite Ave. Palm Springs, CA 92264. Donations can be made in person or online at

Learn more about the Best Friends National Conference, and see the speaker line up by clicking here.

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