Goodbye Gramps.

I said goodbye today.

My body gave up, and I knew I had to go. Dr. Shayda called all my friends, and we had a goodbye party.


We snuggled and laughed and cried, and I ate a whole chicken on big cushy bed. My PSAS family, held my paws and stroked my face, told me how much they loved me and how much I mattered. I felt like a king!


Marta prayed out loud while I fell asleep in everyone's arms and then, I said goodbye, for now.


For those who don't know Gramps' story, Gramps wandered into the backyard belonging to another family. His body was riddled with tumors, he could hardly walk. But, he ate the food the nice family gave him, and laid down in their yard. They brought him to us, and we named him Gramps. Then we named him Spartan, then we also named him The Gentle Giant. If you haven't learned by now, everyone gets about two or three names around here. Because once you're here, your family. And you're just bound to get silly nicknames when you've got people doting on you 24/7.

Gramps' was never treated for the cancer that took over his whole body, and he looked like he hadn't the best life all the way around. When he arrived at our door, we were ready to do what ever he needed to get better, but he had gotten to us too late. Today, he was coughing up blood. He tried so hard to hang in there, but his body gave in.

Our placement counselor, Rosemary Ramsay said, "we'll think of this as a transfer to heaven, to be with the angels."

Goodbye, Gramps. We love you. You mattered. You were a good boy. You were the best boy.

If you would like to make a donation in honor of Gramps, please make a donation towards our Love Fund.

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