The legacy of "Princess" Camo lives on.


Losing a companion is devastating and those of us who have experienced it know that everyone grieves in different ways. Palm Springs resident Bond Shands recently lost his companion of nearly 17 years and is honoring her legacy by supporting the animals who will follow in her footsteps.

"Princess” Camo was a loyal sidekick and resident diva who gave a lifetime of unconditional love and devotion. The petite poodle passed away of old age last month, leaving Shands devastated. “I know I’ll miss her greatly, I already do so right now but have lots of photos and good memories of her time with me,” says Shands.

Shortly after “Pincess” Camo’s passing, Shands surprised Friends of the Palm Springs Animal Shelter with a generous donation of $5,000. “Camo brought me so much happiness. I hope that by providing a little support for the other animals and their current or future owners it will bring me a little peace, and pay it forward in her memory. Friends of the Palm Springs Animal Shelter does such great work on behalf of the animals, and they deserve all the support we can give them.”

Thank you Bond for sharing your story, and ensuring that Camo's love lives on to help others.



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