Tom Lavin Spay & Neuter Day!


Thank you Tom for sponsoring a day of free spay and neuter surgeries for Coachella Valley residents!
Read our official press release about this amazing day!!!!!
Photos by Tamara Hedges

Getting Their Fix: Palm Springs Animal Lover Gives 33 Pets Free Surgery.

PALM SPRINGS, CA –One hundred pets were “Fixed” at the James O. Jessie Community Center last weekend, and thanks to one very generous supporter of the Palm Springs Animal Shelter, 33 pets received their surgery for free.
Palm Springs resident Tom Lavin is a long time animal advocate and shelter volunteer, who sees firsthand how many animals come into the shelter, and decided to step up and help in a big way. He sponsored a free day at the Fix-A-Friend low/no cost spay and neuter clinic, a program of Friends of the Palm Springs Animal Shelter. The clinic ran for three consecutive days, but March 28th became affectionately known as Tom Lavin Spay & Neuter Day, and he was there to welcome pets and their families. Tom says, “The impact is huge, and being on the ground, seeing how many people need this makes me very happy.”
Last year, Friends of the Palm Springs Animal Shelter launched their low cost/no cost spay and neuter program called Fix-A-Friend with one goal in mind: to provide affordable and accessible spay/neuter services to those who need it. Partnerships and sponsors like Tom, are making it possible to provide clinics more often.
Spaying and neutering is the number one way we can stop the flow of animals into our shelters, says Palm Springs Animal Shelter Director and No Kill Coachella Valley Co-Chair, Dr. Shayda Ahkami. “We are committed to spaying and neutering not only our Palm Springs pets, but pets across the valley. We would love to be able to offer low cost and free services every weekend, and sponsorships like Tom’s can make it happen.”
Fix-A-Friend Clinics range from one to three days, and take place both at the shelter and in a mobile surgery vehicle. To provide a spay and neuter clinic with low to no fees to pet guardians who are struggling financially costs Friends of the Palm Springs Animal Shelter an average of $2500 per day, making sponsorships key to the program. During an average clinic day, 30-35 pets can receive surgeries, as well as additional services such as vaccinations, rabies and microchips.
“We are here for the animals and their guardians, and are dedicated to educating our community on the importance of not just spay and neuter, but all areas of humane and responsible pet guardianship,” states Tamara Hedges, Board of Directors Vice President. “There is a misconception that low income residents do not want to fix their pets. That is simply not the case. The barrier is generally cost or transportation, or both. Meeting pets and their guardians during the clinics, and seeing how overjoyed they are to have an opportunity to provide quality care to their beloved family member is a wonderful feeling.”

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