Our Shelter volunteers are a special group of people with huge hearts and we are consistently amazed by the level of their dedication. Take volunteer adoption counselor Mark Oliver for example. In a passing comment to Mark, we chatted about it being Adopt-A-Senior-Pet-Month and how we would love to extend our 5 year anniversary sponsorship (adoptions fees are waived) on all pets 5 years and older throughout the entire month of November. The first weekend was sponsored by another generous donor. Mark immediately said he would love to continue the sponsorship. We were touched by his generosity and by his motivation for wanting to help.

Mark shared Doughnut's story with us, his adopted twelve ye...

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We can talk the talk about our "love-a-bull" bully breed dogs but nothing walks the walk like hearing from our adopters. We just got this update from Callie Kaspar, "love-a-bull" adopter...
"Do you Remember Geronimo? Star on chest and sweet heart. We recently moved from Desert Hot Springs CA. to Grand Rapids Michigan. He was great on-the-go drive and has fallen in love with the large yard in Michigan! I thought with your Pitties adoptions you can show how great it is having these wonderful dogs! He traveled across country via car and stayed in hotels! He was fabulous! He is great with our now 6 Year old son. Thank you for our wonderful addition to our family."
Remember, all bully breed dogs 6 ...

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Awesome dogs like Chuck on our home page are often considered to be a Pitbull, though Chuck is much more Boxer than anything else, many people see "square, squatty dogs" as a Pitbull. These dogs often get unfair representation in the media, which has led to misconceptions with the public. We want to show you and others how "love-a-bull" our bully breeds are this month through August 8.



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